How BMWs Are Made To Outshine Your Average Vehicle

How BMWs Are Made To Outshine Your Average Vehicle

May 21, 2019

When you’re behind the wheel of a BMW, it isn’t the same as any other car. These specific cars feature a long history full of tradition and a passion for excellence. Driving one for yourself will show you this. Spend a day at your local BMW and take one of these cars out. It’ll be fun, I promise.

One of the most important aspects of a BMW is its design. Everyone in charge of making these cars is constantly looking for new ways to make the car’s aesthetics, technology, and safety stand out.

These cars are specifically engineered to be more aerodynamic. This, in turn, makes the cars faster, and BMW has the racing trophies to prove it. The front spoiler is one of the ways BMW has utilized this science. The spoiler, because it’s low to the ground, keeps air from rushing under the car, something that ultimately slows you down. Even just the shape of the car is designed to help you glide through the air, not push it out of the way. It’s these specific features that help you with sharp turns and moves.

There are some features to BMW that are unique to the brand. One of these features is the Hofmeister Kink, found in the rear side windows of the vehicle, right where they are separated from the rear glass. This particular feature was named after a man named Willhem Hofmeister, and it was originally seen on BMW’s in 1961. It is still featured in these cars. This trait is said to allude to the fact that BMW’s feature rear wheel drive.

The kidney grille is one more recognizable feature of these cars. As another particular feature to recognize a BMW by, it has become a trademark for the company. They debuted in 1933 as a way to help increase the aerodynamics of the vehicles.

The quad headlights are yet another part of a BMW that makes them so recognizable. This feature has only been recognized relatively recently, coming out in the 1980’s. However, many new BMW’s still bear this traditional “four-eyed” visage.

The “Roundel” – the circular logo of a BMW – is probably one of the most famous symbol of a BMW. The story behind this symbol is still being disputed. However, many believe that it shows white airplane propellers slicing through the bright blue sky. This story does carry some credibility, as BMW was first a manufacturer of motors for airplanes. The years of tradition and excellence are also represented by this logo, as BMW is always the forerunner when it comes to new technologies for your vehicle. Looking for ways to enhance your driving experience is something that BMW does best.

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